BCL Staff Picks for 2009

Laura Hayden, Reference Librarian, Beaufort Branch

The Burn Journals coverIn a desperate suicide attempt, 14-year-old Brent doused himself in gasoline and lit a match. This memoir recounts his physical and mental recovery in the burn unit of a children's hospital, through his own jaded teenage eyes.


Halle Eisenman, Web Administrator, Administration

Columbine coverI don't usually read non-fiction, but this gripping account of a horrifying school shooting on April 20, 1999 had me turning the pages late into the night. Cullen recounts the events of the day and what led up to it, dispelling many of the myths perpetuated by the media. His interviews with the families of the victims and the shooters, the survivors, and the community, and his analysis of the motivations of the shooters, lead to a compelling, riveting read.

373.788 CUL

Laura Hayden, Reference Librarian, Beaufort Branch

Death from the skies coverEnjoy a cinematic description of a worst-case scenario, followed by the science behind the fiction: How much do you REALLY have to worry about that gamma-ray burst, incoming asteroid, or tiny black hole?

001.9 PLA

Amanda Brewer, Reference Librarian, Beaufort Branch

Death with Interruptions coverFor those who wish to stretch their reading boundaries, try Jose Saramago’s Death with Interruptions a fictional tale examining what life would be like if Death, in this case a lady with a scythe, took a vacation from gathering souls in one town. What would everyday life, culture, and spirituality be like in your town if, for an undetermined time, no one could die? Quite an interesting, thought provoking read indeed.


Laura Hayden, Reference Librarian, Beaufort Branch

Elantris coverWhen the magic of Elantris fails, the previously godlike inhabitants are changed into powerless, tortured wraiths. With epic fantasy, political intrigue, and a bit of romance in a single volume, Elantris is a refreshing break for readers of Robert Jordan or Terry Goodkind's multivolume series.