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View Mary Adah Ruff Ruff Mary Adah Zurline, (Mrs.) Mary Adah Ruff Beaufort Gazette 15 December 1981 p. 16-A.
View Martina Gonzalez Gonzalez Martina Zuniga, (Mrs.) Martina Gonzalez Beaufort Gazette 1 December 1982 p. 14.
View Debra (Mrs. Ralph) Rush Rush Debra (Mrs. Ralph) Zuill, George Edward Beaufort Gazette 24 July 1973 p. 1.
View Pauline Gallatin Gallatin Pauline Ziegler, Pauline Gallatin (Mrs. Ralph W.) Beaufort Gazette 1 July 1971 p. 11.
View Rosalie Lipsitz Lipsitz Rosalie Zalin, Rosalie Lipsitz (Mrs. Harry) Beaufort Gazette 10 June 1937 p. 1 and BG June 17, 1937 p. 1.
View Ellen McTeer McTeer Ellen Zalin, Rosalie Lipsitz (Mrs. Harry) Beaufort Gazette 10 June 1937 p. 1 and BG June 17, 1937 p. 1.
View Lula Priester Priester Lula Zahler, Lula Priester (Mrs. Til) Beaufort Gazette 22 April 1954 p. 5.
View Rosa Lee Fripp Fripp Rosa Lee Young, Rosa Lee Fripp (Mrs. Wright) Beaufort Gazette 26 August 1977 p. 16.
View Lillian Minkow Minkow Lillian Young, Lillian Minkow (Mrs. Oscar L.) Beaufort Gazette 21 November 1968 p. 3.
View Lillian LaRoche LaRoche Lillian Young, Lillian LaRoche (Mrs. David Irby) Beaufort Gazette 23 May 1968 p. 7.
View Katie Catherine Williams Williams Katie Catherine Young, Katie Catherine Williams (Mrs. Isaac) Beaufort Gazette 8 November 1962 p. 2-C.
View Nathaniel Young Young Nathaniel Young, Geneva Beaufort Gazette 17 March 1949 p. 1.
View Estelle Rhodin Rhodin Estelle Young, Estelle Rhodin (Mrs. Horace) Beaufort Gazette 8 July 1983 p. 12-A.
View Elah Dell Nettles Nettles Elah Dell Young, Elah Dell Nettles (Mrs. Roger William) Beaufort Gazette 23 June 1982 p. 8-A.
View Susanna Fuller Fuller Susanna Young, (Mrs.) Susanna Fuller Beaufort Gazette 31 May 1976 p. 14.
View Sarah Crowe Crowe Sarah Young, (Mrs.) Sarah Crowe Beaufort Gazette 30 August 1977 p. 10.
View Rebecca Cohen Cohen Rebecca Young, (Mrs.) Rebecca Cohen Island Packet 4 November 1975 p. 9.
View Jannie Truell Truell Jannie Young, (Mrs.) Jannie Truell Beaufort Gazette 29 November 1982 p. 12.
View Annie Glover Glover Annie Young, (Mrs.) Annie Glover Beaufort Gazette 19 June 1980 p. 14.
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