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  Title Full Name Last Name First Name Nick Name See Also Notes Paper Day Month Year Reference
View "Shiney" "Shiney" Sparks, ----- Palmetto Post 22 September 1887 p. 3.
View Dora Ackerman Ackerman Dora Smith, (Mrs.) Dora Ackerman Beaufort Gazette 10 September 1948 p. 3.
View Agnes Adams Adams Agnes Beaufort Gazette 6 September 1962 p. 7.
View Henry Lee, Jr. Adams Adams Henry Lee, Jr. Beaufort Gazette 30 September 1977 p. 14A.
View Horace Etheridge, Jr. Adams Adams Horace Etheridge, Jr. Beaufort Gazette 28 September 1977 p. 12A.
View Reuben Adkins Adkins Reuben Beaufort Gazette 1 September 1982 p. 10A.
View (Mrs.) Amelia Aiken Aiken Amelia Beaufort Gazette 30 September 1965 p. 7C.
View (Dr.) F. G. Alleman Alleman F. G. Palmetto Post 1 September 1887 p. 2.
View Eliza se Allen Allen Eliza se Legree, (Mrs.) Eliza Allen Beaufort Gazette 24 September 1959 p. 7.
View Muriel L. (Mrs. Robert) Allison Allison Muriel L. (Mrs. Robert) Beaufort Gazette 17 September 1984 p. 12
View ----- (grand-daughter of Gilbert) Alston Alston ----- (grand-daughter of Gilbert) Beaufort Gazette 21 September 1917 p. 1.
View (Rev.) David Alston Alston David Beaufort Gazette 19 September 1963 p. 5C.
View Hattie Alston Alston Hattie Grant, Hattie Alston (Mrs. James) Beaufort Gazette 19 September 1963 p. 5C.
View Jerry Alston Alston Jerry Beaufort Gazette 24 September 1976 p. 16.
View Mary Lawton (Mrs. Alfred) Alston Alston Mary Lawton (Mrs. Alfred) Beaufort Gazette 11 September 1981 p. 10A.
View Rosa B. (Mrs. Jerry) Alston Alston Rosa B. (Mrs. Jerry) Beaufort Gazette 26 September 1980 p. 10A.
View Sadie Ford (Mrs. Joseph Jerry) Alston Alston Sadie Ford (Mrs. Joseph Jerry) Beaufort Gazette 18 September 1981 p. 10A.
View W. Kent Alston Alston W. Kent Beaufort Gazette 13 September 1962 p. 1 and September 4, 1969; p. 7.
View Walter W. Alston Alston Walter W. Beaufort Gazette 20 September 1984 p. 10A
View Mittie Lee Altman Altman Mittie Lee Horton, Mittie Lee Altman (Mrs. C. F.) Beaufort Gazette 24 September 1931 p. 1.
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