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From the Beacon: Thrillers and romance novels make for great summertime reading

Ahhh, summertime. The days are long; the weather is warm; and our surroundings are perfect for stuffing a beach bag full of books and spending time reading by the ocean or the pool. Here are a few suggestions for books to read while relaxing this summer:Read More...

Please "Like" the BDC on FACEBOOK

Libraries are all about using social media tools to understand what our communities want from us and share what it is that libraries provide for our communities. You'll see that we have a new block "Follow Us" on the left side of the library's homepage. You have your pick of which branch you'd like to follow. If you are in Bluffton, you'd probably want to be sure to befriend Bluffton Branch. If you use Lobeco Branch as your home library, you'd probably want to be sure to befriend Lobeco Branch.Read More...

Penn Celebrates Sesquicentennial

Penn School was founded in 1862 as part of the "Port Royal Experiment." This weekend Penn Center is honoring its long and enduring history with an "150th Annual Founders Day Celebration."

If you'd like to know more about this National Historic Site, the Library shares a number of relevant materials about the Teachers and Missionaries of the "Port Royal Experiment" and the Penn Center through our holdings.


National Historic Register information on Penn Center

List of Materials owned by the BCL about Penn CenterRead More...

Volunteers for Focus Groups Needed

We believe that the Beaufort County Library makes a difference in our community. Your input can help us provide evidence that our activities do indeed make a positive difference in the quality of life here in Beaufort County.

In order to establish a baseline for our upcoming community project, we are looking for volunteers to share what they already know about the country of Afghanistan. If you'd like to help us, please register to participate in a Focus Group.Read More...

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