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Finding Published South Carolina Obituaries

Interested in finding obituaries in SC? A great place to start is the "South Carolina Obituary Resources" page ( which we helped create 5 years ago.

The links describe how to get obituaries from various SC counties.

Happy Dead People Hunting!

November is Native American Heritage Month

Once upon a time, Native Americans roamed our wetlands, fished our estuaries, and camped along our riverbanks. Many small Native American groups lived in the area. These former residents left behind shell middens, pottery shards, and their words upon our landscape: Wimbee, Combahee, Kussoh, Yamasee, Pocotaligo, Coosawhatchie, Daufuskie, Salkehatchie. The groups were rather small and unorganized, key factors in the ability of European newcomers to successfully take advantage of them.Read More...

C. C. Pinckney and the Presidential Election of 1800

As the 2012 presidential election nears - and the outcome appears too close to call among the pollsters and pundits - it is good to remember that this is not a unique situation. The controversies surrounding the Elections of 1800, 1876, and 2000 loom large in historic memory. A Beaufort plantation owner, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1746 - 1825), played a key role in how the 1800 election turned out. C.C. Pinckney refused to change his electoral college vote from John Adams.Read More...

Storm of 1893 Death List

An out-of-state researcher asked about the names of people who died during the 1893 hurricane to confirm oral tradition of family deaths caused by our local natural disaster. Given that the total casualty number ranges from 1000 to 5000 dead depending on the source, no one will ever really know exactly how many and who perished.Read More...

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