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State Documents Contain Unexpected Tidbits

In this new world of electronic delivery and digitization of materials, many people are not aware of the role that state libraries and state archives play in keeping our citizenry informed and our government accountable. If nothing else, the recent saga of the Georgia Archives serves as a cautionary tale. ( More...

Holiday Traditions

Beaufort Branch Library has two key holiday traditions at the end of the year: The Model Trains and the annual Photography exhibit. Both are in the building at 311 Scott Street right now. Both have broad community appeal.

The model trains pull out of Beaufort Branch Station on Saturday, Dec. 15th. Make sure to drop by before the trains leave for another year!Read More...

Problems viewing web content in Internet Explorer 10?

Those using Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 may notice that they are having problems viewing certain types of web content - including the SC LENDS catalog. To work around this problem, click on the Compatibility View icon, found in the address bar to the right of the web address. It looks like a small torn piece of paper, as in the image below:

 Turn on compatibility view

Happy National Poinsettia Day!

December 12 commemorates the poinsettia (a.k.a. poinsetta) — the most popular holiday plant, which is indigenous to Mexico and Central America. December 12 has been officially designated by the U.S. Congress as National Poinsettia Day in honor of the first Ambassador to the new Republic of Mexico, Joel Poinsett of South Carolina, as well as of American businessman, Paul Ecke Jr., who later successfully marketed the poinsettia worldwide.Read More...

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