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Choose Privacy Week

Privacy is a particularly slippery and amorphous issue, about which people hold a wide variety of opinions and beliefs, particularly in the post-9-11 world in which we live.

Libraries and library workers think about privacy issues a lot - and want our customers to think critically about privacy issues, too. Personal privacy issues touch everyone at virtually every stage of life, and even into death (e.g., access to the Social Security Death Index online), raising a universe of hard questions to be answered.Read More...

BDC Census Workshop Postponed

We regret the postponement of the "Introduction to the 1940 Census" workshop scheduled for this Friday, May 4th. It will be re-scheduled, date to be determined.

MayDay! MayDay! 2012

Each year, archives, libraries, museums, and arts and historic preservation organizations set aside May 1 to participate in MayDay, an initiative to protect cultural heritage from disasters. The Society of American Archivists (SAA) created the MayDay initiative in 2006 and promoted the idea to its members and allied organizations. The following year, the Heritage Emergency National Task Force and SAA expanded the concept to include all kinds of collecting institutions and historic preservation interests. The Beaufort District Collection has been participating in MayDay since 2008.Read More...

Local Poets: Mary Palmer Dana Shindler

The religious poems penned by native daughter, Mary Stanley Bunce Palmer Dana Shindler (born 1810, Beaufort, SC; died 1883, Nacogdoches, TX), reflect on themes of comfort in the struggles of life and death. Both her young son, Charlie, and her first husband, the Rev. Charles E. Dana, died during 1840. Later she set some of her poems to music, favoring folk tunes for the melody of her hymns. Learn more about her hymns on the Hymnary database website found at

Among her poetry collections are:

Southern Harp (1840)

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