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From the Beacon: Beaufort District Collection to be open for tours in October

October is a very busy time for the staff in the Beaufort District Collection. We have lots to celebrate as it is both Archives Month and Archaeology Month.


Although the noun "archives" has several meanings, the definition most relevant to the management and daily operation of the Beaufort District Collection is "a facility in which records of permanent historical, cultural or evidentiary importance are preserved, providing a means through which present and future generations may gain knowledge of and maintain continuity with the past."Read More...

Students + Libraries = Success

Studies show that children learn best when they have the opportunity to pursue their own interests. That’s why a library card is the most important school supply of all. Libraries provide students with access to innovative programs, classes and educational resources to support their curiosity. Some of our branch libraries even have homework centers staffed with volunteers to help. Best of all, it won’t cost you a thing – it’s all free with a Beaufort County Library system library card.Read More...

From the Beacon: Bone up on pet travel tips before bringing your dog on vacation

More than 65 percent of American households own a pet, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. When making vacation plans, the option of boarding pets or paying for pet care must be weighed against taking our furry friends along for the ride. Although traveling with pets might be a more cost-friendly alternative, pet owners should know what's in store. Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, there are online and print resources to assist with preparations for traveling with pets.Read More...

Looking for a Few Good Friends

... for the Beaufort District Collection's Facebook page. Goal: 50 Friends by the end of Archives Month (i.e., Halloween, Oct. 31st). To be an "official Friend," you'll have to already have a Facebook account or sign up for your own Facebook account. Being a Friend allows you to post comments about what we post. The address for the BDC's Facebook page is A little leery of Facebook? Our BDC.BCL Facebook page is open to the general public so you can always read what we post. You can also befriend our branch libraries.Read More...

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