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The Atlantic World

One of my favorite sources for ideas for blog entries is a UK based website "The Browser: Writing Worth Reading" and its "FiveBooks Interviews" e-series in which widely acclaimed authors discuss their personal five best book picks on a particular subject. One of the recent "History" interviewees was Bernard Bailyn, professor emeritus at Harvard University and two-time Pulitzer prize winner. He originated the term "Atlantic World" now being used in historic circles to redefine and describe the past. But what does the term "Atlantic World" mean?Read More...

National Day of Listening

Give new meaning to the Day after Thanksgiving. Consider becoming a part of the National Day of Listening, sponsored by NPR's StoryCorps project and others.

The National Day of Listening is a day to honor a loved one through listening. It's the least expensive but most meaningful gift you can give this holiday season. You can choose to record a story with anyone you know. This year, StoryCorps has chosen to feature the stories of veterans, active duty military, and their families.Read More...

Finding Published South Carolina Obituaries

Interested in finding obituaries in SC? A great place to start is the "South Carolina Obituary Resources" page ( which we helped create 5 years ago.

The links describe how to get obituaries from various SC counties.

Happy Dead People Hunting!

November is Native American Heritage Month

Once upon a time, Native Americans roamed our wetlands, fished our estuaries, and camped along our riverbanks. Many small Native American groups lived in the area. These former residents left behind shell middens, pottery shards, and their words upon our landscape: Wimbee, Combahee, Kussoh, Yamasee, Pocotaligo, Coosawhatchie, Daufuskie, Salkehatchie. The groups were rather small and unorganized, key factors in the ability of European newcomers to successfully take advantage of them.Read More...

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