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Become an active part of your community by simply going to the library

 When was the last time you visited your public library? If it's been a while, you might be surprised at all the new things that are offered. February is Library Lovers Month. So why should you love your local library? Here are some reasons:Read More...

More books, more DVDs, more everything: SCLENDS widens catalog for library patrons

Did you know the Beaufort County Library is part of a state lending program that gives Beaufort County residents access to more than 2.75 million materials throughout the state?Read More...

Connections: Looking for the Living

Finding kin, kith, and other relationships is what genealogy is all about. Some you may already know but have you identified all the living descendants of your second great grandfather? Connections, the library's special local history collections and archives blog, tackles the topic of establishing lines of relationship by looking for those out-of-touch or even unknown relatives who are still living - using an article by Denise Larson as the base with some guidance from the BDC manager about how the Library can help.

Time to get cozy with good books

 Once the hectic holiday season is over, nothing sounds more appealing than some quiet evenings at home to wait out the cold winter nights. Even though the Lowcountry's winters are mild, the chill in the air lends itself well to burrowing into a good book. Let the Beaufort County library supply you with some ideas.Read More...

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