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NOTE: This web page has been preserved solely as a record of the 2005 "One County, One Book" program. All local events referred to on this page are no longer active.

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Rocket Boys!

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Join the discussion of Homer Hickam's Rocket Boys with your own review! Just send us an e-mail (file attachment or a simple message) with your impressions of the book.

The reviews must address the book, Rocket Boys (or directly related topics). Reviews containing derogatory comments about other contributors' reviews will not be included in this forum.

Reviews should be no more than 300 words in length All reviews are subject to editing for length, spelling, typographical errors and other similar considerations. Older reviews may be removed periodically to allow space for more recent contributions, and to keep the discussion current.

All entries will appear on this Web page anonymously, and only the date of the e-mail message will appear on with each review.

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Readers' Reviews of
Rocket Boys

No reviews received as of March 14, 2005.

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