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Compiled by Laura Hayden, Reference Librarian

The Night Gardener by George P. Pelecanos

FIC PEL; also LP
Three detectives investigate a murder with an uncanny resemblance to one that took place 20 years ago. A gripping, hard-boiled mystery set in inner-city Washington, D.C

A Dark and Deadly Deception by Eleanor Taylor Bland (Marti MacAlister #13)

Homicide detective Marti MacAlister and her partner, Vik, juggle old and new murder cases in the suburbs of Chicago. Relationships with family and friends enrich and complicate Marti’s life.

Pushing Up Daisies by Rosemary Harris

Filmmaker-turned-landscaper Paula Holliday takes on a gardening project in a sleepy Connecticut town. While working, she unearths a small dead body. Friendship and romance highlight this gentle mystery.

The Long Mile by Clyde W. Ford (Shango Mysteries #1)

Former NYC detective John Shannon gets out of prison after being framed for murder, and finds that his son is missing. He must race against the clock in the drug-infested areas of Harlem to find his son and the real killer.

Medicus by Ruth Downie (Ruso Mysteries #1)

FIC DOW; also LP
Army doctor Gaius Petrius Ruso transfers to a military outpost in Roman-occupied Britain, and finds himself examining disappearances of two local prostitutes. An unlikely read with period detail, suspense and humor.

Double Cross by James Patterson (Alex Cross #13)

FIC PAT; also New LP and BOCD
Retired profiler Alex Cross gets back in the game when a murder (and former colleague), escapes from prison bent on killing those involved in his imprisonment. Fast-paced and suspenseful, this is a hard book to put down.

Nature Girl By Carl Hiaasen

FIC HIA; also LP and Book on CD
When a telemarketer interrupts Honey Santana at dinner and swears at her for her rebuke, she plots revenge – by luring him to the Everglades. An absurd plot and oddball characters propel this story to a satisfying finish.

Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter by Blaize Clement (Dixie Hemingway #1)

More dark than light despite the title, this debut features former police officer Dixie Hemingway. Now a pet sitter, Dixie finds a dead man inside a client’s home, which forces her to get involved again with police work.

The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Sansom (Mobile Library Mysteries #1)

Hapless Israel Armstrong is the new librarian in Tumdrum, Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, his “library” is the bookmobile – and 15,000 volumes are missing! Dry humor and slapstick pepper this small-town mystery.

Have Mercy on Us All by Fred Vargas (Chief Inspector Adamsburg Investigations #1)

Joss Le Guern, a modern-day town crier in Paris, receives odd messages predicting the Black Plague. The Chief Inspector must track down a killer set on mayhem in this unique blend of biothriller and historical cryptology.

The Long Night of Winchell Dear by Robert James Waller

FIC WAL; also LP
Septuagenarian Winchell Dear, a retired gambler, senses trouble on his peaceful Texas ranch. Meanwhile, his housekeeper is secretly smuggling drugs. Multiple story arcs weave together toward a violent climax.

The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon

In an alternate timeline, Sitka, Alaska, is the new post-WWII Jewish homeland. As Sitka waits to be turned back over to the U.S., Detective Meyer Landsman investigates a murder that nobody wants him to solve.
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