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  • The Homework Center at the Beaufort Library location offers homework help or just a quiet place to study. Come whether you need help with one particular assignment or project, or if you need help in a subject throughout the semester.
  • The Center will be open Tuesdays from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the Library at 311 Scott Street in downtown Beaufort. No reservations are necessary -- come as you are!
  • Call 843-470-6521 for more details.



The Beaufort County Library-sponsored Homework Center is:

  • A supervised quiet room where students may do their homework

  • Access to the Public Library reference materials

  • Capable adults who can assist with, but not do, homework assignments

  • Free of charge

  • For middle and high school students


At the Beaufort County Public Library headquarters location, at 311 Scott Street in Beaufort in the downstairs meeting room.

WHEN ...

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00 p. m. until 6:00 p. m.

WHO... and what we do!

We run a facility where the student may study alone under supervised conditions. Our adult volunteers can assist students with homework or other school-related assignments. We will not do the homework for the students. They are expected to do that themselves.

Our operation is administered by Mrs. Patricia Porter, the Interlibrary Loan Supervisor, and Mr. Dennis Adams, Information Services Coordinator of the Library.

Our six volunteers who work with the students are:

  • A retired mathematician/physicist, who graduated from and taught at the University of Cincinnati. He is skilled in math, physics, chemistry, and speaks French fluently.

  • A retired industrial engineer, skilled in math.

  • A retired New York City school teacher (physical education and health) skilled in Spanish, elementary algebra, and remedial reading.

  • An active mathematics teacher from Battery Creek High School, skilled in math.

  • A retired Registered Nurse from St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing in Cleveland, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science degree in professional sciences from St. Joseph's College, currently teaching part time at the Technical College of the Lowcountry (nurse aid program), skilled in reading, history, health, and life sciences.

  • A retired chemical engineer, with a B. S. ChE degree from the Chase Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree from Monmouth University; currently adjunct instructor in computer science and math at Park College (Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort), skilled in computer-related subjects, math, physics, and chemistry.

Our volunteers are there to assist the students and have done so in the past with help ranging from clearing up a sticking point to almost full-time one-on-one mentoring.

What we cannot do and are not qualified to do is work with students who have special needs or emotional or severe learning problems.

Our Homework Center facilities and equipment consist of:

  • A meeting room with 8 tables that can accommodate 16 students.

  • Our own reference material as well as the reference sources in the Library. We have our own copies of the preparation for the South Carolina exit exam. We do not give the latter out, but use it in helping students.

  • A VCR monitor with 6 headphones and a syllabus of instructional video tapes in math.

  • A computer with word processor, spreadsheet and keyboarding tutor.

Our expenses are funded by the Friends of the Beaufort County Public Library with a modest budget.

What we require from the students and request from their teachers and parents, where possible:

  • From the Students:Bring textbooks, assignments and working materials with an understanding that this is a working environment and not a social club.

  • From the Teachers:We don't know how you cover a subject in class. If you are using a method which may be obscure to us, tell us. We do not wish to confuse your student by using a method to solve problems that is different from what you use in school. Over the past three years, our volunteers have done fairly well, but they have had students coming from the Beaufort County Public Schools, the Independent Schools, the church-sponsored schools, and those who are being home schooled. Therefore, it is important that the student bring as much text material as possible. We will even purchase that teaching material if necessary.

  • From the Parents :Be sure that your student understands that he/she is to bein the Homework Center, not just somewhere else in the Library during the visit.

Please see our full list of
Homework Center Expectations,


1. Leave all snacks and drinks outside.

2. Bring all required materials to the Center [homework sheets, textbooks, etc.]. Be sure you know what your teacher is asking you to do.

3. Be courteous and respect your tutors and yourself.

4. Keep hands, feet, objects, and negative comments to yourself.

5. Obey all rules and regulations of the Beaufort County Library.


The tutors are here to help you with your homework, not to do your assignment.

The library will not be responsible for personal items.

For a severe disruption, students will be asked to leave the Center/Library immediately.

The tutor's word is final.

Can't Get In to the Homework Center?

Aska a reference librarian. Service by telephone and e-mail
  Find articles fast! Great for homework

And don't forget this:

  • Our Homework Center tutors are here to help students in grades 6 - 12 (sixth grade through twelfth grade).
  • Our tutors are not here to give you the answers to excercises out of your textbook! What they can do is teach you how to find the answers on your own!
  • The Online Homework Help Service is not an "emergency" service. Most of the time, you won’t hear from us overnight -- but we will try to get your question to the next available tutor at the next Homework Center session. We will e-mail you or phone you, depending on what kind of problem you have.
  • If your homework problem is too long or too complicated for an e-mail message, give a basic description of the problem and ask that a tutor phone you to talk with you more about it.
  • If you don’t hear from us, please TRY AGAIN! Things can get lost out on the Internet.
  • Try to come in to the Homework Center whenever you can. There is no substitute for working one-on-one with our tutors.
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