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Policy on Displays, Exhibits
and Distribution of Literature

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees January 16, 1991
Amended January 13, 1999

The use, by individuals or organizations, of the Library's facilities for exhibits, displays,
announcements, or distribution of materials is not a right, but a privilege which is subject to
review by the Board of Trustees.

No poster display, exhibit, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet, or booklet shall be exhibited, displayed, or placed in the libraries for distribution without pennission from the County Library Director or his/her appointed representative. Materials posted or left for distribution without prior approval will be removed.

Permission for an outside organization or individual to exhibit or display does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the Library of an individual's or group's beliefs, policies, or programs. Publicity should not indicate library sponsorship.

Approval to display will be granted subject to and based on the following conditions:

1. LOCATION WITHIN LIBRARIES. Displays or distribution of materials will be
permitted only in designated areas of the libraries. Due to space limitations in some
facilities, space is granted on a first come, first served basis with priority going to
Library and Friends of the Library functions and information.

or individual shall be permitted to display or exhibit any materials, leafiets, or posters
which advocate an affirmative or negative vote for or against any proposition, whether
political or otherwise. Political or religious editorializing or recruiting is forbidden.
Information on the times of meetings and special events is allowed, subject to general
regulation for posters and displays.

No organization or individual shall .be
permitted to place in the libraries any receptacle which solicits donations, nor shall any
poster or display be permitted which advocates or solicits consideration of any product
or item sold by any commercial or charitable enterprise. Exceptions may be granted for
library fund raising. Posters announcing bazaars, tours, or programs sponsored by any
local educational, religious, historical, or fraternal organization may be displayed,
subject to general regulations, provided space is available within designated display

4. EXHIBITS. Each library branch will establish an Exhibits Committee to schedule and
screen exhibits prior to display, judging them on their artistic merit, timeliness, and
using the standards set forth in the library materials selection policy. As the committee's
option, photographs of art works to be exhibited may be requested. The Exhibits
Committee for each branch will be composed of the Librarian, a member of the Library
Board, and a representative of the Friends of the Library.

4(A) SCHEDULING. Requests to exhibit should be made in advance and in writing to the appropriate Exhibits Committee. The length of exhibit displays shall be established by the Exhibit Committee for each' facility. Exhibits will be open to viewing by the public during nonnal library hours only. Where located in meeting rooms, public viewing will be inten"1lpted for sche~uled meetings.

Exhibitors are responsible for hangjng or arranging jtems according to guidelines and within areas designated for each branch and for dismantljng and removing exhibited items within two working days or tIle scheduled close or the exhibit. Infornlation concerning exhibited items, such as title artist, and price may be made available in the exhibit area.

4(C) SECURITY .The Library makes all reasonable efforts to protect exhibit material belonging to individuals or organizations while on display in the libraries, but assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to such material. Exhibitors are required to sign a statement releasing the Library from any liability.

All display materials must include the name of the
sponsoring organization and be dated when received. The maximum display period for
posters and brochures is one month, or until the date of the event being promoted.
Extensions may be made at the discretion of the librarian for public information made
at the discretion of the librarian for public information items, depending on space
available. Display materials not picked up by an organizational representative on the
working day following the event or the end of the display period will be discarded.

5(A) POSTERS. Display of posters is limited to and by available bulletin board
space designated for each library. The maximum size of posters which will be
accepted for display is 11 " x 17" .

5(B) BROCHURES, FLIERS. Brochures may be displayed in racks designated for
each library or.on the tops of counters in browsing rooms if accompanying other
displays and where space is available. Non-library related brochures may not be
displayed on the service desk.


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