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The Friends of the Bluffton Library is an organization established to support the Bluffton branch of the Beaufort County Library. Our membership dollars supplement the Beaufort County budgetfor materials and programs for children, teens and adults. The library staff relies on our donations for the extra support that keeps our library active and updated.

More than 99,000 people in Beaufort County have library cards and use the libraries regularly. If you are one of those people, then you know how much your support can mean to the library. The Bluffton Library needs your support more than ever to meet the needs from our growing community.

Become a Friend of the Bluffton Library today! Volunteer opportunities are available and areas of interest are included on the membership form. Click here to view our printable form.

2008 Board of Directors

Gail Eskra, President
Loretta Wells , Vice President
Taffy Scheider, Secretary
Linda Gillet, Treasurer
Claryce Gibbons-Allen , Advocate
George Pinkerton, Editor & Web Site Coordinator
Dorothy Smith , Hospitality
Ann Walli, Membership
Don Walli, Public Relations
Loretta Wells, Book Sales
Maryellen Ham, Board Member

County Trustees
Trina Johnston
Norma Stewart

Branch Manager
Ann Rosen -

Library Services Director
Wlodek Zaryczny
Library Services Assistant Director
Jan O'Rourke


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Last Revised December 17, 2008