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How to Search
by Name, Word or Phrase
Search Steps

You can scan for a name, word or phrase in on any of our Web pages by following these steps:

1. Press the F13 key. Iif your computer keyboard does not have this key, just hold down the "CTRL" (Control) button on the far lower left of your keyboard with your left-hand little finger and stretch your index finger to press the regular "F" (alphabetical) key at the same time.

2. A window labeled "Find" will appear. Now enter your search name, world or phrase.

3. Select the search option that appears at the of the "Find" window ("Find Next," "Find All") to locate your term wherever it appears on the page.

Limits to the "Find" Search

The "Find" command is, in reality, quite primitive by today's standards. Though not perfect, it is quicker than having to search through the alphabetical arrangement of a page.

The "find" feature will only search the entries in the index one by one looking for the sequence of letters that you have given it. You must get the sequence you want exactly the same as the sequence you are hoping to find in the index.

For example, if you search the Bi-Bz index page for "Bostick" by pressing the "CTRL" key plus "F", and typed in "Bostick", you would get the first entry which had the sequence of
"b-o-s-t-i-c-k" in it. The result may be the "m-o-b-o-s-t-i-c-k" of a middle name or first name, as in "Billau, Mobostick." Or perhaps the search will first highlight "Bostick" appearing as a surname ("Billingsly, Bostick R."). The sequence you have typed just has to be present at some point in the entry.

Other Applications for the "Find" Search

This basic "Find"search will help you to scan not only Web sites, but most other Windows-based programs like Microsoft Word. It is a useful shortcut for editing your own texts.

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