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Old engraving of Indians of Colonial Period cooking and preparing food.
Native Americans in Colonial South Carolina

Pathfinder to Materials about
Lowcountry South Carolina Indians
Compiled by

Grace Morris Cordial

Historical Resources Coordinator

Once upon a time, Native Americans roamed the wetlands, fished the estuaries, and camped along our riverbanks.  Many small Native American groups lived in the area. These former residents left behind shell middens, pottery shards, and their words upon our landscape: Wimbee, Combahee, Kussoh, Yamasee, Pocotaligo, Coosawhatchie, Daufuskie, Salkehatchie.  The groups were rather small and unorganized, key factors in the ability of European newcomers to successfully take advantage of them. To learn more, Beaufort County Library suggests these resources:

BDC Beaufort District Collection
BEA Beaufort Branch Library
BLU Bluffton Branch Library
HH Hilton Head Branch Library
LOB Lobeco Branch Library
STH St. Helena Branch Library

Altamaha Site

SC 975.799 MCK
Migration and settlement among the Yamasee in South Carolina by David Andrew McKivergan, Jr. [BDC]

SC 975.799 SOU
Return of the Yamasee : Archaeological data recovery at Chechesy Old Field, Beaufort County, South Carolina--Draft Report by Bobby Southerlin. [BDC]

SC 975.799 GRE V.XXI
The search for Altamaha : the archaeology and ethnohistory of an early 18th century Yamasee Indian town by William Green. [BDC]

333.72579 PRE [DVD]
Preserving paradise [DVD] : The Beaufort County Rural and Critical Land Preservation Program by Gary Kubic. 1 videodisc (26 min). [BDC, BEA, BLU, HH, LOB, STH]

For Teachers

SC 016.3058 LOW
Lowcountry South Carolina ethnohistory : a guide to Indian and Afro-American sources [BDC]

SC 975.7 CHI
Curricula materials for the first South Carolinians : the life and times of native peoples in the Palmetto State by Chicora Foundation. [BDC]

SC 975.7 HAC
Indians, slaves, and freedmen in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina: curricula materials for teachers by Debi Hacker. [BDC]

SC 970.4 CHI
Native American life at A.D. 1650 : curricula materials for teachers by Chicora Foundation. [BDC]

Want to Know More?

SC 929 SOU
South Carolina Indians, Indian traders, and other ethnic connections: beginning in 1670 by Theresa M. Hicks. [BDC]

975.702 OAT
A colonial complex: South Carolina's frontiers in the era of the Yamasee War, 1680-1730 by Steven J. Oatis. [BDC, BLU]

975.702 COR
The Carolina Indian frontier by David H. Corkran. [BDC, LOB]

SC 975.7915 HEN
Down & dirty : archaeology of the South Carolina Lowcountry by M. Patrick Hendrix. [BDC]

970.457 BIE
Indian arrowheads and spearheads in the Carolinas: a field guide by Bert W. Bierer. [BDC, BLU]

970.457 BIE
Discovering South Carolina; a story about Indians, their ancient remains and trails by Bert W. Bierer. [BDC, HHI]

970.457 ENC V.1 A-Z
Encyclopedia of South Carolina Indians: tribes, nations and people of the Woodlands Areas by Somerset Publishers. [HHI]

970.457 MIL
Red Carolinians by Chapman James Milling. [BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI]

SC 970.457 BIE
South Carolina Indian lore by Bert W. Bierer. [BDC]

SC 970.457 WAD
Indians of the South Carolina Lowcountry, 1562-1751 by Gene Waddell. [BDC]

Archaeological Reports on Specific Places within Beaufort District

SC 975.799 CHI
Further investigations of prehistoric and historic lifeways on Callawassie and Spring Islands, Beaufort County, South Carolina by Chicora Foundation. [BDC]

SC 975.799 CHI
Archaeological investigations at Haig Point, Webb, and Oak Ridge, Daufuskie Island, Beaufort County, South Carolina by Chicora Foundation. [BDC]

SC 970.457 STO
Groton Plantation: an archaeological study of a South Carolina locality by James B. Stoltman. [BDC]

975.799 CHI
Indian and freedmen occupation at the Fish Haul Site (38BU805), Beaufort County, South Carolina by Chicora Foundation. [BDC, HHI]

975.799 ARC
Osprey Marsh : Archaeological data recovery investigations at sites 38BU905 and 28BU921 along Hilton Head Cross Island Expressway, Beaufort County, South Carolina by Joel Gunn. [BDC, BEA, BLU, HH]

SC 975.799 CHI
The second phase of archaeological survey on Spring Island, Beaufort County, South Carolina : investigation of prehistoric and historic settlement patterns on an isolated sea island by Chicora Foundation. [BDC]

SC 975.799 CHI
An Archaeological Survey of Phase I of the Walling Grove Plantation Development, Lady's Island, Beaufort, South Carolina by Chicora Foundation. [BDC]

Additional Research Materials within the Beaufort District Collection

Beaufort County Historical Society Papers

“John Barnwell and the Tuscaroras” by Rebecca DesChamps McDowell, Presented before the Beaufort County Historical Society on June 29, 1954.

“The Yamassee War in the Beaufort and Port Royal Area, 1601-1715” by Larry Ivers, Presented before the Beaufort County Historical Society, no date.

Vertical Files

Yamassee (Native American tribe)

Native Americans

Allendale Paleoindian Expedition

Indian Mounds

Indian Traders

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