“Confederates at the Keyboard: Piano Music during the Civil War Era” with Dr. David B. Thompson, SC Humanities Scholar

Beaufort District Collection
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Date & Time: 
Friday, September 27, 2013 - 7:00pm8:00pm

Along with songs and military band music published in the South during the Civil War, a considerable repertoire of solo keyboard music written by white, black, male, and female composers also exists. This repertoire includes traditional dances such as the waltz, mazurka, schottische and polka, marches, song arrangements, and descriptive fantasies. This program, performed in period clothing, brings this unknown repertoire to modern ears. Throughout the program, excerpts from Confederate diaries, letters and memoirs are read recounting the moving effect of keyboard music in the home as well as the overwhelming grief resulting from the destruction of these prized possessions during the war. Funding for this program is partially provided by the Humanities Council of South Carolina. Dr. Thompson will perform at St. John's Lutheran Church, 157 Lady's Island Drive on Lady's Island. Details: 255-6468