30 ways to use your Beaufort County library card this fall

30 ways to use your Beaufort County library card this fall

"Thirty days has September..."

If you haven't used your library card in a while, visit one of our five library branches to see all the things it can do for you.

Here are 30 of them:

  1. Check out the latest and greatest best-sellers.
  2. Research your family tree.
  3. Get an audiobook to use on your upcoming trip.
  4. Read our magazines and newspapers.
  5. Bring your children to a storytime program.
  6. Join the library's book club and have a lively book discussion.
  7. Look through the bargains at our Friends of the Library book sales.
  8. Use our public access computers to check your email or print any airline ticket.
  9. Stage a puppet show with your child in the children's room.
  10. View the works of art in the art hall presented by local talented artists.
  11. Ask a librarian what to read next.
  12. Attend a movie showing and participate in a discussion afterward.
  13. Learn more about computers by taking a free class.
  14. Research consumer information to make better informed purchases.
  15. Help your child acquire those very important early literacy skills by reading to/with them.
  16. Use our databases to check on your stocks.
  17. Research the latest health information.
  18. Put a hold on a book; even if we don't have it in our system, we'll have it sent here for you.
  19. Watch your child have a wonderful time using one of our educational computer programs.
  20. Sign up to use our e-books.
  21. Learn a new skill with one of the many do-it-yourself guides.
  22. Expand your culinary talents and find some new recipes.
  23. Research new employment opportunities and update your resume.
  24. Ask about our homework help programs.
  25. Learn the history of the Lowcountry as well as find out about upcoming events.
  26. Research a school project, complete a science project, or write a term paper.
  27. Get a book from our interlibrary loan program.
  28. Use our text a librarian service to answer a question.
  29. Find a quiet spot, relax, enjoy yourself.
  30. Use our free wi-fi service.

A Beaufort County library card is free for all residents of Beaufort County. We are way more than just books. When someone asks you, "What's in your wallet?" you should be able to answer: "My library card!"

Be sure to look at our website for all our programs and services.

Mary Jo Berkes is the branch manager of the Hilton Head Island library.

Original story at the Island Packet