Tune in to BCL for a wide selection of CDs

If you have yet to sample our recorded music collection, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do.
It was only in the last five years that we started purchasing and receiving gift CDs, and I've cataloged every single one, so I'm familiar with the variety of holdings we offer.
While there are some of the same CDs throughout the library system, for the most part, the collection varies greatly from branch to branch. The beauty of our diversity is that we have a daily courier service that delivers your holds to the library branch nearest you.
When you search the catalog, select the format "Music Recording," and put in your favorite artist or genre of music in the search ("for") box, and leave the type of search as "Keyword" to get the most offering. Limit your search to "Beaufort County Library" to see just our holdings, but it you want to search statewide, then select "SC LENDS."
There are more than 50 genres of music represented. A few of these include gospel, classical, blues, adult contemporary, Americana, rockabilly, dance music (tango, salsa, merengue, belly dance etc.), doo-wop, Latin jazz, patriotic, rap/hip-hop, and indie-pop. Looking for wedding music? Try Songs of Romance to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit or Love Songs from the Movies.
How about some funk or reggae for that upcoming party? Planning a theme night? We have a great selection of world music: Caribbean music to accompany a slideshow for that cruise travelogue. Irish and Celtic music for St. Paddy's Day. Some classical piano music to wind down your workday. Some slow R&B to stir those passions. Or some classic rock or crunkcore to get you motivated to get down and clean that house.
We have lots of spooky sound effects CDs for Halloween; and a wonderful array of Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit. Looking for some relaxing massage or yoga music? Try some Indian wooden flute music or Amba Bhavani's Music for Meditation and Healing. Enjoy the timeless strains of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra while cooking up a luscious Italian dinner. Sing some operatic pop along with Sarah Brightman, Charlotte Church, Susan Boyle and Jackie Evancho. Bluegrass tunes make great traveling music on a mountain road; or you may prefer the more rapturous sounds of an orchestral suite.
Our children's departments have their own selections of Disney karaoke and other sing-along discs. Can't get your baby down for a nap? Choose from one of our many lullabies. Or how about a pinata party for that next birthday? We'll help you find the right music for your special event.
Come browse the shelves or search our catalog, and discover some new tunes to accompany and inspire you in your workshop, hobby room, in the shower or on your next road trip.
Brendagael Beasley-Forrest is a catalog librarian for the Beaufort County library system.
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