From the Answer Man: What do you call a bunch of alligators?

The list works like this: read “Angel fish (host)” as “a host of angel fish” Happy hunting!

A big bask of gatorsAlligators and crocodiles (bask), American bison (herd), Animals (menagerie, tribe), Antelope (herd, troop), Ants (army, colony, column, state, swarm), Apes (shrewdness), Asses (herd, pace),  Baboons (troop), Badger (cete, colony), Barracuda (battery), Bass (fleet, shoal), Bats (colony), Bears (sleuth, sloth), Beavers (colony), Bees (cluster, grist, erst, hive, swarm), Birds in the air (flight), Birds on the ground (flock), Bitterns (sedge, siege), Bloodhounds (sute), Boars (herd, singular, sounder), Bobolinks (chain), Budgerigars (chatter), Bustards (flock), Buzzards (wake), Camels (caravan, flock), Caterpillars (army), Cats (chowder, clowder, cluster, pounce),  Cats, wild (dout), Cattle (drove, herd), Chickens (brood, clutch, peep), Clams Cockroaches (intrusion), Colts (race, rag, rake), Coots (cover, covert, raft), Cormorants (flight, gulp), Cranes (herd, sedge, siege), Crows (clan, horde, hover, murder), Deer (herd, leash), Dogs (cowardice,kennel, pack), Dolphins (pod, school), Donkeys (herd, drove), Doves (dole, dule, flight, prettying), Ducklings in nest (clutch), Ducklings off nest (clatch), Ducks, diving (dopping, dropping), Ducks, flying (flush, plump, team), Ducks on water (badeling, badling, paddling, sail), Eagles (convocation), Eels (swarm), Elephants (herd), Elk (gang), Falcons (cast), Ferrets (business, cast, fesynes), Finches (charm, flight), Fish (haul, run, school, shoal), Flamingoes (flurry, regiment, skein, stand), Flies (business, cloud, scraw, swarm), Foxes (earth, lead, leash, skulk), Frogs (army, colony),  Geese, on water (gaggle, plump), Geese, in flight (skein),Giraffes (corps, herd, tower, tribe, troop), Gnats (cloud, horde, swarm), Goats (flock, herd, tribe, trip), Goldfish (troubling), Gorillas (band), Grasshoppers (cloud), Greyhounds (brace, leash, pack), Grouse (brood, covey, pack), Guillemots (bazaar), Gulls (colony), Hares (down, drove, husk, lie, trip), Hawks (cast), Hedgehogs (array), Hens (brood, flock), Herons (scattering, sedge, siege), Herring (army, gleam, shoal), Hippos (bloat, herd, school), Hogs (herd, drove, sounder), Hornets (nest), Horses (harass, herd, stable, stud, troop), Hounds (brace, couple, cry, mute, pack, stable), Hunting dogs (cry), Hyenas (cackle), Ibis (crowd), Jays (band, party, scold), Jellyfish (brood, smack, smuck), Kangaroos (herd, mob, troop), Kittens (brood, intrigue, kindle, litter), Lapwings (deceit, desert), Larks (exaltation, exultation), Lemurs (troop), Leopards (leap), Lice (flock), Lions (flock, pride, sawt, souse, troop), Locusts (cloud, horde, plague, swarm), Mallards on land (bord, flock, flush, suite, sute), Mallards on water (sord), Magpies (charm, gulp, murder, tiding, tittering), Mares (flock, stud), Martens (raches, richesse, richness), Mice (nest), Minnows (Shoal, Steam, Swarm),   Moles (company, labor, movement, mumble), Monkeys (troop), Moose (gang, herd), Mules (barren, cartload, pack, span), Nightingales (match, puddling, watch), Old world buffalo (gang, herd, obstinacy), Ostriches (flock, troop), Otters (bevy, family, romp), Owls (parliament, stare), Oxen, domestic (drove, rake, team, yoke), Oyster (bed), Parrots (company, flock), Peacocks (muster),  Peafowl (muster, ostentation, pride), Penguins (colony, rookery), Pheasants (bouquet, brook, nest, nide, nye, ostentation, pride), Pigeons (flight, flock), Piglets (farrow), Pigs (litter, herd, sounder), Polecats (chine), Porcupines (prickle),  Porpoises (gam, pod, school), Pups (litter), Quail (bevy, covey), Rabbits (bury, colony, nest, warren), Raccoons (nursery), Racehorses (field, stable, string), Rats (colony), Ravens (unkindness), Rhinos (crash), Roaches (shoal), Roe deer (bevy), Rooks (building, clamor, parliament), Sandpipers (fling), Sardines (family), Seals (harem, herd, pod, rookery), Sharks (shiver), Sheep (down, drove, flock, herd, hurtle, trip), Sheldrakes (dapping, dropping), Smelt (quantity), Snakes (den, nest, pit), Sparrows (host, surration, quarrel), Spiders (cluster, clutter), Squirrels (dray, drey, scurry), Starlings (chattering, crowd, murmuration), Storks (herd, mustering), Swallows (flight), Swans (bank, bevy, game, herd, squadron, teeme, wedge, whiteness), Swine (doyet, dryft), Thrush (mutation), Tigers (ambush, streak), Toads (knab, knot), Trout (hover), Turkeys (dule, gang, raffle, rafter), Turtles (bale, dole, nest), Turtle doves (pitying), Walrus (herd, pod), Wasps (herd, nest, pladge), Weasels (pack, pop), Whales (colony, gam, herd, pod, school), Whiting (pod), Widgeons (coil company, flight, knob),, Wildfowl (plump, sord, sute, trip), Wolves (pack, rout, route), Woodcocks (covey, fall, flight, plump), Woodpeckers (descent), Wrens (herd), Young animals (kindle, litter) and … Zebras (herd).


Sources for this list were (a) The Guiness Book of Answers. Facts on File, 1993, and  (b) U.S. Department of the Interior. U.S. Geological Survey. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center’s “Animals Congregations, or What Do You Call a Group Of …?”  (Web page) <> Accessed on September 9, 2009.

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